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All-Europe train times Eurostar times & fares Berlin S-bahn information Berlin U-bahn information Motorail - taking your car It's easy to travel by train from London to Berlin all in one day from just 59.90 in 2nd class or 109.90 in 1st class, using a morning Eurostar to Brussels, a high-speed Thalys or ICE3 train to Cologne, then Germany's luxurious high-speed ICE2 onwards to Berlin.

Pride of the German Railways, ICEs travel at up to 280km/h (175 mph).

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Its magnificent cathedral stands right next to Cologne's main station - the cathedral was consecrated in 1322, but its distinctive 512 feet high towers were only completed in 1880.

You can climb them for a magnificent view over the city and the River Rhine.

By all means choose an earlier Eurostar outbound or a later morning one westbound.

In Brussels, try the Ibis Brussels Midi just across the road from the station or the Pullman Hotel Brussels Midi, a more upmarket option above the station itself. 3D tour ICE 2nd class 3D tour ICE restaurant car Always check these train times using de, as they can vary on certain dates.

Brussels Midi station guide & advice on changing trains Cologne Hbf station guide & map London St Pancras station guide Hbf = Hauptbahnhof = main station.

If you have a first class ticket you can use the DB Lounges at Cologne or Dsseldorf.* On Mondays & Fridays from April 2018 the Eurostar runs EARLIER, leaving London , arriving Brussels . c = by high-speed ICE train with Sparpreis London fares from 59.90 available from London to Berlin or anywhere in Germany, watch the London to Cologne video.

h = the Thalys from Brussels runs direct to Dsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen & Dortmund as shown (only Dusseldorf on Saturdays), no need to change in Cologne. Before you do anything else, check the German Railways website for cheap Sparpreis London fares between London and anywhere in Germany, including Cologne, Dsseldorf, Essen or Dortmund, using the special links below. I recommend buying a round trip as two one-ways, as it's easier to see where the availability is.

Booking normally opens 92 days before departure, but this is progressively being extended to 6 months before departure.

It's centre to centre, with no baggage fees, no airport taxes, no expensive journeys to and from airports, children under 4 go free, and you can bring your own bottle of wine for the journey if you like (try doing that on Ryanair).

London to Hanover & Berlin London to Cologne, Dsseldorf & Dortmund London to Bonn, Koblenz, Mainz London to Frankfurt London to Nuremberg London to Osnabrck, Bremen & Hamburg London to Mannheim, Stuttgart & Munich London to Leipzig & Dresden London to other destinations London to Germany via the Harwich-Hoek ferry UK to Germany by ferry from Hull or Newcastle Starting your journey from other UK towns & cities Hotels & accommodation in Germany Holidays & escorted tours to Germany by train Rhine cruises - deluxe or inexpensive do-it-yourself Train travel in Germany - a beginner's guide Buy train tickets online for travel within Germany Schnes-Wochenende - unlimited weekend travel Lander tickets - unlimited travel in a whole region Visiting Neuschwanstein - Visiting Colditz Other European cities to Germany by train Berlin to other European cities Hamburg to other European cities Cologne & Dsseldorf to other European cities Frankfurt to other European cities Munich to other European cities Amsterdam to Berlin by Inter City train Berlin to Prague by train Munich to Prague by train not bus Berlin-Warsaw Express trains Useful country information - currency, dial code, etc General European train travel information Luggage on trains Left luggage at stations Taking your bike Taking your dog Child age limits & travel with kids Train seat numbering plans Eurail passes - the railpass for overseas visitors DB (Deutsche Bahn), see de for train times, fares & online tickets within Germany.

Thalys is a consortium of the French, Belgian, Dutch and German railways formed to run the high-speed trains between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam & Cologne. Duisburg, Essen & Bochum are also stops on the Cologne-Dsseldorf-Dortmund regional trains shown here, simply use de to check calling times.


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