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In doing so she "copped a feel" of the pubescent girl's budding breasts, and found the forbidden touch so thrilling that she actually felt faint for a moment.

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At uncle Henry's suggestion she studied finance, the better to manage the fortune she had inherited.

She was smart, and academic success came without much effort.

This "entertainment" happens in carefully paced, gentle seductions in Susan's secluded mansion, where young women who have never known the touch of another female are brought slowly to the point of begging for lesbian sex.

Given that she is rich, beautiful, sexy, smart, charming and actually quite sweet despite her depraved activities, Susan's "victims" are always delighted by the experience.

As a result of all these factors, Susan had plenty of time on her hands during college, and chose to use it to experiment with various lifestyles.

She moved into an apartment in her sophomore year, and began tasting life on the "dark side" by hanging out with a group of "townies" who were into the "Goth" thing.

The sister also had some friends over, and while Susan and her classmates were a bit old for the childish game, they joined in the fun.

At one point Susan found herself hiding behind some heavy drapes with Judy, a shy girl about a year younger than herself.

Susan found the discussions somewhere between boring and repulsive.

At the same time she found herself fascinated by the developing young bodies of her classmates, especially in the showers after gym class.

She was especially excited by the embarrassment of the more timid girls.

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