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Below are some questions asked of me about cats, with my answers. Of course, we didn't keep the cats in the bathroom all that time! Some cats took a few months of our fostering them until we found a home.

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” “Just getting Sookie’s nails trimmed at Petsmart completely freaked her out and she wouldn’t let us touch her paws for days – it was the (hometown) one too!

Thankfully we found a very patient home groomer down the street from us that’s fabulous.

It’s not just my experience that concerns me—it’s the countless people I’ve talked to in real life and on Facebook that have expressed their own horrible experiences with Pets Mart groomers.

I am NOT saying they are all awful people who abuse dogs—I’m saying there are far too many horror stories—and they always happen at Pets Mart—and it needs to stop.

I left them my cell phone number and told them to PLEASE CALL ME IMMEDIATELY if anything isn’t going right and we would come get him. When I got him back, it was like his personality had changed.

Suddenly he was fearful, snappy and displayed aggressive/protective behavior when touched in certain areas, as I mentioned above.

We didn’t want a gift card all we wanted is for them to stop torturing animals, that apparently. I actually wrote a letter to Pets Mart and filed an official corporate complaint about my experience: When Lulu was about 6 months old, we took him to a Pets Mart in my hometown to get his first “real” haircut.

Previously, I had been grooming him at home without any issues—I was able to cut his nails, brush his hair, cut his hair on his entire body on face.

We buy our food from the vet and our dog toys at Target.


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