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A documentary film crew treks their way through the Amazon and runs across a Paraguayan trapper played, with absolute scenery-chewing glee, by Jon Voight.

He tricks them into helping him hunt a rare and gigantic anaconda, a quest which eventually gets practically everybody killed. This clever supernatural thriller, directed by makeup effects maestro Robert Kurtzman, stars Andrew Divoff as an ageless djinn who has unlimited power, but he can’t use it unless somebody else makes a wish.

Eine Übersicht über Neue Serien in der Seriendatenbank findest Du hier. Die Serie Game of Thrones basiert auf der Fantasy-Reihe „ Das Lied von Eis und Feuer “ von George R. Knig Robert Baratheon ist der Herrscher ber die sieben Knigreiche und Inhaber des eisernen Throns. Sein Vertrauter Jon Arryn - die Hand des Knigs - ist tot und es sieht nach... Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. ist eine Informationsseite über amerikanische, britische, kanadische und andere englischsprachige Serien.

A couple of the most popular ones didn’t even make this list, and we’ve already produced an entire downloadable commentary track, available free of charge, that explains why then at least entertaining (or at least extremely interesting) – horror movies from throughout the decade.

These films reveal just how diverse and fascinating the genre really was in the 1990s.

But that’s how misconceptions get started, those misleading observations based only on the most visible motion pictures in a genre, like the frequently expressed belief that the 1990s were a terrible decade for horror movies. The 1990s were, if we take a serious look at it, an exceptionally interesting time for the horror movie genre, although that does perhaps have something to do with the fact that it was going through an identity crisis.

The 1980s were easily defined as an era of slasher thrillers and ambitious gore films, but those trends were already dying out by the time the 1990s came around and it took quite a few years for the genre to find a new persona.

Sure enough, their faithful pooch gets blamed for all the maulings, and eventually there’s a scene where the little boy screams as the Humane Society drags the dog away, while the dog barks its head off trying to warn his ungrateful masters of the danger in their midst.

The special effects aren’t great – in fact, sometimes they’re just terrible – but Good old-fashioned monster movie nonsense.

Larry Drake plays a homicidal doctor who metes out violence on his patients while uncontrollably giggling to himself, in a performance that’s campy, but creepy nevertheless.

It may not have broken the mold, and it may not have broken into the public consciousness, but it’s gradually finding a cult audience who recognize that it’s one of the most underrated late-era slashers.

It doesn’t belong in your home video library, it belongs in evidence locker. , and it races back and forth between family-friendly jokes and horrifying imagery like a dog repeatedly catching a stick.

It’s the story of a newspaper reporter who liberates a dog from a shady laboratory, only to discover that it’s a dangerous, genetically enhanced organism that can turn invisible, eat cats whole and even cut her boyfriend’s brakes.

The thing is, when she says yes, out of pity, he refuses to stay dead.

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