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“Narcissistic injuries,” or wounds to the ego, are often the impetus for narcissistic rages- which can be manifested as aggressive or passive-aggressive, planned out or impulsive.They feel they are superior to you and that you have displeased them; therefore, they feel you deserve whatever punishment they will dole out.The anger of narcissists is not only frightening, it is demeaning.

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The narcissist blames the spouse or a ‘scapegoat child’ for absolutely everything that goes wrong (especially if it is his fault).

Narcissists have a tendency to internalize failure; the narcissist’s emotional response to failure is to feel shame rather than to feel guilt like other people.

In order to avoid shame, which the narcissist avoids at any cost, he externalizes blame for all negative events.

As he thinks that someone must be guilty, he almost always attributes the blame to others.

The narcissist frequently explodes at his mate (“narcissistic rage”) for what appears to be no reason at all.

The narcissist’s rage erupts frequently and violently like a volcano, and those closest to him are the ones that catch his wrath.

The narcissistic parent will say,”Don’t make me hit you” or “You have only yourself to blame” as they hit the child with a strap or belt.

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