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Then, as one turns left onto Gran Vía, stunning Africans mostly from Ghana.

Price for sex with streetwalker in Madrid is between 20-75 euros for full service.

Women in particular, as long as they keep walking, should not have anything to fear - it is obvious which girls are the prostitutes, so neither the sex workers nor their clients are likely to pay you any attention.

Men should be more wary, as the amorous attention that the girls 'lavish' on you is often accompanied with stray hands that might find their way onto your wallet.

Never has a grand city had such an impressive street devoted to street walkers as the Calle Montera of Madrid.

The Calle Montera opens up to the main boulevard of Gran Via like the beautiful, glorious spreading of legs of the most beautiful hooker you have ever been with.

The presence of foreign women who practise prostitution has also greatly increased, starting with the first arrivals, around 1994, of women from Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan, and Sierra Leone, while women from Eastern Europe and Latin America began to arrive in 1998-1999.

According to the INE (Spanish national statistics agency), in Spain 25.6% of men between 18 and 49 made use of prostitute services in their lifetime (data from 2005); the figure for men living in the Madrid Autonomous Community is 25%.

There is a smart-looking Mc Donald’s at that corner; there are restaurants recommended by guide books that require one to stroll down Montera; there are hip dance clubs nearby.


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