Dating a quadriplegic man

Sensible, self-respecting women may scoff, but if so, he'll pull a clever come-on line on them or practice his patented stare on them and they'll be suckered in just enough to be proven wrong.

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In putting this collection together I began to notice a common theme among the images.

There is a strength in each, a self confidence you might not expect to find in someone with a disability.

The polar opposite of the Casanova Wannabe and the Handsome Lech, this character has a long list of conquests and can bend any woman to his will — even though there's absolutely nothing attractive about him.

In fact, he's a sleaze and/or looks like a baboon and/or treats women like garbage.

Being a quadriplegic myself I know that confidence is not always present nor easy to show when it is.

I have long found quiet confidence an attractive quality and hope in connecting with these images you can appreciate it too.

If you have never considered a relationship with a guy in a wheelchair give it some thought.

There are some really awesome guys in wheelchairs out there.

We have pictures of wheelchair men from all around the world.

Of all spinal cord injury wheelchair users the majority are male.

The line between Kavorka Man and The Casanova, usually gaping, can sometimes be very fine.


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